optibelt power transmission

High technology machinery Need superior power transmission technology Optibelt has the know-how and expertise in the manufacture of power transmission belts borne by hundreds of years of experience. in the production of rubber producing a wide range of power transmission belts since 1948.


The most advanced cogged v-belt in the industry

Aramid cord, high-power capacity V-belt

Performance v-belts, standard & metric profiles

High performance, no tension maintenance

Fractional horsepower, high performance

Performance v-belts, classical profiles

Double sided performance v-belts

Molded cogged v-belts, classical sections

High performance variable speed belt

V-belts / Double-sided V-belts with Universal dimensions

Variable speed belts – raw edge, moulded cogged


High-performance raw-edged cogged Profiles: Classical, standard & metric

High-performance, fiber rubber, no maintenance Profiles: Classical, standard & metric

Aramid cord, transverse fiber rubber, 2x fabric wrapped Profiles: standard & metric

Engineered industry leading performance Profiles: Classical, standard & metric


Heavy Industry Performance Timing Belts

High Performance Timing Belts

Double Sided High Performance Timing Belts

Certified Anti-Static Timing Belts for Industrial Applications

Performance Timing Belts

Semi-Circular Tooth Structure for Superior Shear Strength

Performance Neoprene Timing Belts

Dual Sided Performance Timing Belt with RB Back

Performance Linear Timing Belts

Heavy Industry Performance Timing Belts

High Performance Timing Belts


Carbon cord for high power transmission applications Sections: 8MDC

High performance polyurethane timing belts

Performance polyurethane timing belts

Endless extruded polyurethane timing belts Sections: XL-XH T2.5 – TIO AT5-AT20 8M 14M

Open-ended, extruded polyurethane timing belts Sections: XL-XH T2.5-TI0 AT5-AT20 5M-14M

Welded polyurethane Timing belts Sections: XL-XH T2.5-T10 AT5-AT20

Mechanically joined for quick on-site installation Sections: XL-XH T2.5-T10 AT5- AT20 5M-14M

Mechanically joined for quick on-site installation Sections: XL-XH T2.5-T10 AT5-AT20 5M-14M

Linear extruded using food regulation compliant materials Sections: XL-XH T2.5-T10 AT5-AT20

Custom cast belts with molded cleats or bracking Sections: XL-XH T2.5-T10 AT5-AT20 5M-14M

For flexible transport applications


Ribbed belts engineered to perform Profiles: PH PJ PK PL H J K EPDM available

Elastic ribbed belts for low power applications

Dual sided, Omega timing belt with RB back

Engineered specifically for powered roller conveyors Profiles: PH PJ H J

Polyurethane ribbed belts for specialty applications Profiles: PH PJ PK PL H J K L


Polyurethane Plastic Composite V-belts

Round plastic composite belts for specialty applications, specialized material constructions available

Open ended, Punched V-belts


Includes TT Tension Tester, Laser Pointer drive alignment tool, Service & Note Box

Laser Drive alignment tool, includes 4 magnetic measurement points and bar

2-Way tension measurement tool, Electromagnetic and ACC

Contains all you need to tension belts

Manual belt tension tester, available in 4 different tension ranges

Measures the sheave or pulley to gauge wear

Belt and drive service information manual

Measuring gauge for measurement of the inner length. Measurement range: 500-2500mm

Belt slitter with winders for all standard timing belt and ribbed belt profiles

Contains 2 cutters, 2 belt clamps, and the standard heating control

Contains 2 cuttings, 2 belt clamps and the premium heating tool for welding

The proven optibelt Tension Notes stickers document the default values for the proper tension methods


Fail-safe plug-in / jaw coupling, available Predrilled, for taper bushings and 2 & 3 part versions

Fail-safe plug-in / jaw coupling with flexible element, available pre-drilled, for taper bushings and backlash-free

Highty flexible tire coupling, available pre-drilled and for taper bushings


Fail-safe plug-In / jaw coupling with flexible element. Available pre-drilled, for TB and backlash-free


Fail-safe plug-in / jaw coupling with flexible element (spider) Available 2 & 3 part designs

Fail-safe pin coupling with flexible elements, available gray cast iron and steel

Slotted backlash-free clamp coupling, MWK (Clamp hub slotted)

Slotted 1-piece and 2-piece designs in steel and stainless

For simple shaft connections with no dampening requirements

Simple and robust design for shaft connections with no dampening requirements

Crowned, toothed and greased for applications requiring high torque